Website Designing Price

Calculate how much you need to spend for the website creation process.

web designing price

How to calculate the website making charges?

There are several types of Websites you can create for your Personal or Business use which are Static Websites, Responsive Websites, E-commerce Websites, etc.

Essentially you need to Consider the mentioned aspects When you calculate the investment on the website creation process. That is Domain name, Web hosting, Cpanel or Plesk, Website templates, logo, Corporate mail id, Original content.

The Combination of the above will give you the estimate of the approximate making cost. I will explain about this in detail.

Domain Name Cost 1.

Domain Name Cost:

A domain name is a unique resource to access your webpages. It is also called a URL(Unique Resource Locator). The domain name ends with an extension like .com, .net, .org, .info and 1000's of extensions are available. The pricing of a domain name will vary from 1000 INR to 5000 INR per year depends on the domain extension.

If you are open to the domain budget, you can go for premium domain names. basically premium domain name is a domain name that is already bought and it mostly looks like a short name or industry top keywords or it can be easily memorable. But the thing is the cost of the domain name may be fixed by the domain owner or bought through the open bidding in the domain auction.

The market leader in selling Premium domain is,,, etc. they have millions of costly and catchy premium domains.

Website Hosting Cost 2.

Website Hosting Cost

Once you bought the domain name, you need a public web space to place all your webpages which are pointing to your domain name. There are different types of website hosting available in the market. Those are 1. Shared web hosting, 2. VPS Hosting 3. Dedicated Web hosting.

Shared web hosting is a webspace that has 100's of websites hosted under the same IP Address. So this type of Web hosting is the cheapest one to start with. If you are looking for a basic 1 page or 5-page website this one is the best choice. The starting price would be 1000/INR per year.

VPS Hosting is another type of web space that has a unique IP address and that will be dedicated to only your domains and a dedicated RAM Space will be provided with this type of hosting.

But one needs to know a few things to use VPS hosting which is SSH access like putty software. This type of hosting costs you on a monthly basis and shared hosting will cost you yearly.

Dedicated hosting is the costliest one to hire. A dedicated IP, a dedicated processor, Hard Disk, Dedicated RAM will be provided for this type of hosting. When you have millions of visitors to your website. This option will be useful to you. The starting price of a dedicated server ranging from 5000 INR to 100000 INR per month depends on the required configuration and webspace.

Control Panel Cost 3.

CPanel or Plesk Control Panel Cost

CPanel & Plesk are the control panels that can be used to manage your website. Cpanel supports Linux Hosting Servers and Plesk supports Windows Hosting Servers.

When you go for a shared web hosting plan, Cpanel or Plesk will be your control panel which is free of cost. But when you go VPS servers or dedicated Servers. there will be additional charges for the control panel and Plesk which is starting from 1000 or 1500 INR/ Month. This will be added additionally to your web hosting plan.

Website Template Cost 4.

Website Template Cost

When you are planning to design your website. There are a few options available. 1. Free HTML or CSS Templates. If you are planning to use opensource CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. There are free templates available in the market or you can buy premium templates as you need. If you use free templates, there is no cost added to it, else you can add you have spent for the premium template to the complete cost.



So finally we will do one thing. we will add up the approximate price for every service we have opt-in from the above list

  • Domain name - Starts from 1000/ year.
  • Website Hosting - Starts from 1500/ Year.
  • Cpanel or Plesk - NIL for shared hosting.
  • Website Templates - NIL for free templates and starts from 2000/INR for paid one.

  • If you know how to do all the above-mentioned steps, your approximate cost of creating a website would be a minimum of 2500/year.

    If you do not know or do not have free time, you can hire a website designer or a web design company. They will charge you depends on the number of pages to be created. If it is a single-page website. They will charge you around 2500/INR and it grows to depend on your requirement.